Pixel was kind enough to let me review their upcoming Speedlite flash. I already made a video about my first impression and my experience with the flash.

Here is the video in german

Here, I want to sum up the points and add some more tests. This is not going to be an in-depth review about that flash because others already did, and did well. ;-) But some issues weren't mentioned there so this hopefully helps to tell you some more about the flash.

Some short facts:

  • Guide number: 60
  • Flash Modes: TTL/M/Multi
  • HSS
  • Manual Zoom: 20 - 200 mm
  • 1. / 2. Curtain Sync
  • AF Light
  • 2W LED Videolight
  • Sounds
  • Over Heat Warning
  • USB Firmware Upgradable
  • Power Pack Input
  • Flash Head rotates 180° in both directions

Lets go into some points that should also be important to you:

The included diffusor (the one that snaps on the flash head) was a shame ... perhaps only with my copy. It doesn't stick very well. Thats annoying in respect that the flash head is also very big and will probably not be compatible with a whole lot of modifiers that stick directly to it. Perhaps Pixel can adjust that in the manufacturing process easily.

I found the flash head to be rotatable 180° in both directions and it tilts a bit harder than other flashes. I think that helps to carry a little bit heavier modifier that get velcroed directly to the head.

I like the menu system very much. I think its Nikon-like and I found it more sophisticated than the one on the Yongnuo YN-565EX.

The flash is huge! Especially the flash head and that could lead to problems fitting stofen-diffusors or other modifiers that need to go directly on the head.

The flash weights more than other top of the line-flashes. See my pics on the bottom, thats 64 grams more than a YN-565 EX.

The LED video light is a great add-on but only has 1 power level and there is no filter included that can change the white balance (although there is a diffusor included). But a tungsten gel will easily be taped on the front. While the LED is on, you can't change the settings on the flash itself. But there's a workaround. You can still change the settings over the canon menu when the flash is mounted to the cameras hotshoe.

I'm not fully certain if the wheel on the back is a good idea. With buttons its easier ... one click one adjustment. But with a wheel like that which is not quite precise its hard to tell just by "feeling" what you just adjusted. Also the adjustments are in 1/3 stops increment. No possibility to jump whole stops, so you better count your clicks. ;-)

But of course not everything is bad, most features are very well implemented and perhaps 2-4 years ago this flash would have rocked the boat. I'm just not sure if its the best choice for everyone today.

What I like:

  • video light built in! can also be used as a poor mans modeling light
  • recycle time is fast
  • the menu is great
  • buttons are lit, should be helpful in the dark
  • strong head that swivels 180° in both directions
  • 200mm zoom ... listen up, canon guys!

/ 05.09.2014

So after the first Magos show up on amazon, the price is around 80€ in germany. There's not much to say about the price other than ... man thats quite a deal. There's really not much comparable in that price range. And this flash got HSS, 200mm and a videolight!